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Q:Is the UTG2025A generator capable of generating just a single pulse? Not constant, but once.
Q:How to solve the issue of UT803 automatically going into sleep mode?
Q:The UTG9005C-II displays the
Q:Why the value measured by the oscilloscope is different from the value measured by the multimeter?
Q:How does an oscilloscope measure power supply ripple?
Q:The measurement error of oscilloscope is relatively large
Q:Why is the waveform measured by the oscilloscope severely distorted?
Q:Maintenace and Cleaning
Q:Why is there no waveform output from the signal generator?
Q:Why the signal generator cannot recognize U disk?
Q:No screen display(blank screen)
Q:What is the difference of real-time sampling and equivalent sampling?
Q:What impact does a low sampling rate have on testing and measurement?
Q:The conversion relationship between peak value(Vp), peak-to-peak value(Vpp), and RMS value(Vrms).
Q:What is the relation of channel coupling and trigger coupling?
Q:Why is there a significant difference in RMS voltage measurements when using the same high-voltage probe EN-48000 with a UNI-T oscilloscope compared to an Agilent oscilloscope?
Q:In an oscilloscope, how should we understand the term ±(3% x reading+0.05div)? What does one sampling interval mean?
Q:While measuring a signal, what is the difference between using a probe in 1x mode and 10x mode?
Q:How to use oscilloscope to capture occasional signal?
Q:What is the trigger of oscilloscope?
Q:Why choose an oscilloscope with high waveform capture rate?
Q:What are the differences between the auto, normal, and single trigger modes?
Q:UNI-T oscilloscope has wave record function, how long can it record?
Q:Why is there significant waveform distortion when observing high-frequency signals?
Q:How to solve the issue of having a waveform but unable to display it stably?
Q:What is the trigger of oscilloscope?
Q:What is the trigger hold off?
Q:Why the precision is different from the standard specification?
Q:How to use digital oscilloscope to measure radiate of switching power supply?
Q:How to measure small signals using a digital oscilloscope? For example, small signals from an audio amplifier or power supply ripple noise.
Q:How to measure differential signal using digital oscilloscope ?
Q:What is Rise Time?
Q:What is the difference of analog oscilloscope and digital oscilloscope?
Q:Why does a 1kHz square wave measurement result in ghosting phenomenon?
Q:Why does the instrument display normally when connected to the PC software, but none of the buttons respond?
Q:Why is the phase difference displayed incorrectly when measuring signals with a phase difference of 180 degrees or other phase differences?
Q:Why does a square wave signal appear as a triangle wave when measured?
Q:Why does a square wave signal appear as a sine wave when measured?
Q:Why does the AUTO function sometimes prompt an AUTO failure?
Q:Is the bandwidth of oscilloscope the higher the better?
Q:Does the software for UTG962E support Mac or Linux O.S.?
Q:What is the meaning of frequency precision, amplitude precision and flatness of signal generator?
Q:Does the UNI-T signal generator have connectivity between the power input port and the BNC output terminal? What does the maximum 42Vpk insulation ground refer to?
Q:How to convert a CSV file to BSV format in UTG900E?
Q:22.5KHz analog pulse signal (60V) duty cycle test, duty cycle accuracy is 0.1%
Q:Why can't arbitrary waveform files be saved in signal generator?
Q:How to compile arbitrary waveform on the PC?
Q:What is the output amplitude of the UNI-T signal generators in each series?
Q:How can UTG4000A signal generator output 2 signals with opposite waveforms and different phases?
Q:What is the relationship between the amplitude and frequency, impedance settings of a signal generator.
Q:Why is four-wire measurement used in resistance testing? What is the difference compared to two-wire measurement?
Q:What are the difference between UT800 and UT8000 series?
Q:When testing resistance with a digital multimeter, can the output current be less than 1mA?
Q:What is Accuracy and Resolution?
Q:What is PPM?
Q:What is the difference between the line regulation and the load regulation?
Q:What are the differences for UTP3300, UTP3300TFL-II and UTP3300-II series?
Q:What is the meaning of display resolution, programming resoultion and readback resolution of programmable DC power supply?
Q:How to set the constant voltage/current output mode?
Q:How to capture continuous waveforms of a signal over a period of time?